US-based lamb packer Superior Farms has entered an agreement to purchase the retail and foodservice supplier Iowa Lamb Corp.

Superior Farms said the acquisition would help increase efficiencies in the sheep industry.

Superior Farms’ CEO Ed Jenks said: “For quite some time, our feeling has been that there are a lot of packing houses that are trying to operate with minimal schedules in the US for lamb production. We saw a definite cultural match between Iowa Lamb and Superior.

“Ultimately it means that the packing side of the business will be more efficient and it is our sincere hope that we create operational economies of scale that allow us to keep our plant costs down and continue to encourage a consumer demand at affordable prices.”

Iowa Lamb Corporation’s consumer brand Summit Creek and its foodservice brand Grove Meats will be integrated into Superior Farms.

“Other than switching logos, there are no immediate plans to change anything operationally with the company,” said Jenks.

The value of the deal was not disclosed.