US retailer Target Corp. has announced the opening of 23 new stores, 21 of which will offer food products.

The merchandise and grocery retailer said that 17 of stores are general merchandise stores with expanded food options.

These outlets offer all the merchandise – from electronics to clothing and furniture – found in general merchandise stores, as well as fresh food.

Target said this new format has an “open-market layout” and features new food additions including basic fresh produce, fresh meat and bakery goods.

Each expanded food format store employs 100-250 people with approximately 135,000 square feet of selling space.

In addition, the company said it would open two SuperTarget stores, in Murrieta North, California and Wylie, Texas.

SuperTarget stores offer a “one-stop-shopping destination”, combining the convenience of a general merchandise store with a full-scale grocery. Additional merchandise options include a complete assortment of fresh produce and an on-site bakery and deli.

Each SuperTarget has 200-300 employees and is approximately 186,000 square feet.

The move will create a total of 4,000 jobs, Target said.