With consumer demand for ethnic products on the rise, Tommy Moloney’s has launched a new range of cured Irish meats, breakfast puddings and seafood in the US.

The New York City-based meat processor has opened a new production plant to cope with increased production, using cutting-edge technology to produce more than 15 traditional Irish products.

“Consumer demand for traditional, authentic Irish foods is soaring, and Tommy Moloney’s is proud to be the first to offer the tradition and taste of Ireland in the United States,” said Bill Colbert, president of Tommy Moloney’s. “These new brands, and more to come soon, are based on recipes and customs that date back over 85 years. We’ve continued that traditional and authenticity in the United States delivering a full-line cured meads and breakfast sausages to meet every taste bud.”

Additions to the company’s offering include Irish Whiskey Sausage, Premium Irish Sausage, Premium Cured Irish Bacon, Premium Black and White Puddings, Traditional Irish Beef, Premium Irish Corned Beef, Cured Pork Loin, Fresh Irish Hams and Premium Oak-Smoked Irish Salmon.

Tommy Moloney’s is an accredited member of the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI). The company caters to foodservice and retail customers.