Topps Confections has launched Vertigo, a hard candy on a stick surrounded by a milk chocolate layer.

Vertigo comes in three flavours: chocolate/caramel, chocolate/strawberry and chocolate/cookies and cream. It is available in multiple pack types. Specific product packs include single count goods, a four-count bag and merchandising units such as floor shippers and powerwings, Topps said.

The new pop was designed to appeal to eight to 15-year-olds, but announcing the launch the company maintained that it appealed to adults too.
Vertigo has 80 calories and no artificial sweeteners.

The launch is being supported by a sampling campaign, while a national television advertising campaign designed to appeal to Vertigo’s target age group will be launched in the Spring of next year and a back-to-school ad campaign with an on-line component will commence in the Autumn.

According to consumer research conducted by Topps, nine out of ten 8 to 15-year-olds said they would “probably/definitely buy” Vertigo while nearly nine out of ten also said they thought Vertigo was unique.