Two people were killed at a Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia last night (10 September) after a woman reportedly started shooting employees inside the facility.

Reports have claimed that the suspect was a Kraft employee who had been suspended from her job yesterday evening – and then returned to the plant in north-eastern Philadelphia with a handgun and began shooting.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the suspect has been identified by employees as Yvonne Hiller, who had worked at the snacks plant for 15 years.

Citing local police commissioner Charles Ramsey, the report said Hiller had been suspended from her job at 2035 ET and escorted from the site. Minutes later, she returned, driving through a fence and entering the building with a gun. The suspect then went to a mixing room and opened fire.

Police said a third person was wounded, while a Kraft official said a fourth suffered minor injuries, according to the Inquirer.