Tyson Foods said its latest marketing campaign has raised consumer awareness of branded products but reported losses in the meat market.

The US meat company’s campaign, called Powered by Tyson, has improved awareness of chicken, beef and pork products.

Tyson chairman and CEO John Tyson said: “Brand awareness in chicken is up to 99%, we’re number one in brand awareness in chicken and beef and number two in pork.

“Before the Powering campaign started, consumers didn’t connect the Tyson brand to beef or pork. We’ve gone from nothing to a 72% brand awareness of Tyson beef and 71% with Tyson pork.”

However, the company also said its beef segment is expected to generate double the operating loss compared to the first quarter of 2006 and leg quarter prices are lower than anticipated in the chicken segment

Tyson said: “We’re doing everything we can to execute against our strategy and work through this difficult environment.”