The Arkansas-based poultry and meat group Tyson Foods, Inc. has issued its first corporate responsibility (CSR) report.

The company said its Sustainability Report was a bid to communicate the core values which guide the way it conducts its business.

“We recognise the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen,” said John Tyson, chairman and CEO of Tyson Foods. “This report charts our efforts as we seek to do what’s right for all our stakeholders. It describes precisely how we provide safe food to the marketplace, serve as stewards for the animals, land and environment and act as partners in our communities. It also explains how we treat people, including our team members, consumers, suppliers and the communities where we live and operate.”

While this is the first time Tyson has attempted to present all of the CSR aspects of its business in one report, it said it had published various individual activities and statements in separate communications in the past.

The move reflects the growing awareness on the part of companies of the need both to pay more attention to CSR issues and also communicate their ethical credentials as widely as possible.