Tyson Foods announced yesterday (17 January) its intention to team up with Certified Angus Beef (CAB) to launch a new CAB ‘natural’ beef range. Tyson will also soon be offering Star Ranch Natural Angus Beef.

“The CAB brand and Star Ranch Angus Beef have been very successful programmes for Tyson, and we’re excited to add ‘natural’ product lines to both,” said Noel White, group vice president of Tyson Fresh Meats.

These branded beef products will come from cattle that have never received antibodies or hormones and who have been fed on a grass and grain diet. According to Cattle Buyers Weekly, the ‘natural’ beef segment is an almost US$1bn niche of the US beef industry and continues to grow.

The Beef Marketing Group, a cooperative based in Kansas and Nebraska, is the first cattle feed organisation to participate in the initiative.

“We believe our efforts to source naturally raised cattle and following proper animal handling and feeding protocols will provide consumers with another high quality protein choice,” White said. “In fact, we believe this program will raise the standard for performance in the production and marketing of fresh, natural beef.”