Tyson Fresh Meats has introduced a new line of beef products targeting Hispanics. The fresh, thin-sliced (rebanado delgado) beef products, are a response to the rapidly growing Hispanic food market, as the US Hispanic population surpasses 43 million and is expected to grow to 53m by decade’s end.
The non-branded pre-sliced products require no trimming skills or clean up, and are produced from chuck, round, sirloin, inside skirt and sirloin flap meat – available in four-, six- and eight-millimetre slices.

The thin-sliced beef line also has potential beyond the targeted Hispanic market, since it is perfect for such popular foods as Philly steak sandwiches, salads and Asian-type dishes.

Demand for Latin foods in American restaurants and food service is growing significantly every year, and Tyson’s launch is part of an overall trend of food companies introducing products targeting a growing, affluent and food-savvy community.