Tyson Foods is using the Internet to plug its chicken raised without antibiotics.

The US company has set up an interactive website called the “Improv-o-Gram”. The on-line experience allows people to create and send their own personalised video messages by utilising video and audio synchronisation technology featuring improvisational actors. It also incorporates information about Tyson’s new line of fresh chicken.

The programme is part of Tyson’s “Thank You” marketing campaign. The marketing campaign also includes TV and radio advertising, plus strong consumer promotions to drive new and repeat purchases.

“As part of our overall marketing plan we wanted to offer busy moms and others a way to express themselves and keep in touch with friends and family in a fun and creative way,” said Carolyn Rehbock, vice president, insights & innovation for Tyson Foods. “This program also gives us the opportunity to help consumers learn about our new Tyson line of fresh chicken from birds Raised Without Antibiotics.”

The Improv-o-Gram, which is available at http://www.cluckhere.com, integrates pre-recorded video performances by real actors with user-recorded audio. Users choose from a list of three occasions including ‘Thank You’, ‘Birthday’ or ‘Just Because’ and then select the character they want to deliver their message.