High-end US condiments maker Fischer & Wieser Speciality Foods is preparing to expand internationally, with the introduction of 12 new products to the UK market next month.

The line of gourmet sauces, jams, jellies, marmalades, salsas and dressings is being launched at IFE in London this week. It includes Fischer & Wieser’s signature Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce, which is number one in the US speciality sauce category.

Fischer & Wieser’s UK distributor, Hider Foods, has already secured listings for the group’s sauces at specialist food stores, delis and department store food halls, international market development consultant Pervez Mohammed told just-food.

While the company has seen “interest expressed” by some of the country’s retail multiples, Mohammed said that Fischer & Wieser has adopted a gradual approach similar to its expansion in the US. Domestically, Fischer & Wieser progressed from small-scale distribution to expand into various multiples including Whole Foods Market and Costco.

“We want to see what the performance is like first. It really is a premium brand, with small scale production and no artificial ingredients. Let’s see how it does before we make a decision on whether to move into some of the larger retailers,” he said.

Mohammed also revealed that Fischer & Wieser is mulling expansion into other European markets, including France, Germany and Scandinavia.

“We decided to go to the UK first after I conducted an opportunity scan. We looked at culinary habits, appeal, culinary affinity,” he commented. “Our comfort factor was higher coming to the UK first.”