Wal-Mart International has appointed the COO of its UK-based Asda supermarket chain, Judith McKenna, as its executive VP of strategy and international development.

McKenna will relocate for her new role in April. The job will involve taking a lead in several areas including strategy, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, integration and purchase leverage.

“She will help define International’s strategic growth, ensuring international markets work more effectively together across the company,” said Asda today (11 January).

Asda does not intend to replace McKenna. Instead, her job will be divided between existing employees, to take effect from 28 January.

Mark Ibbotson will promoted to the executive team as retail director. Meanwhile, Karen Hubbard will take on multichannel strategy and Asda Direct, alongside her existing accountability for in-store proposition and retail development. Lastly, CMO Steve Smith will take control of Asda’s financial services business.