Unilever United States has announced the introduction of a front-of-pack nutritional logo programme called Choices.

The new logo, which will start appearing on products this autumn, provides a way for consumers to identify food and drinks based on four major “nutrients of concern”, including trans fat, saturated fat, sodium and added sugars.

Over one third of Unilever’s foods portfolio in the US will qualify for the logo under brands such as Ragu, Slim-Fast, Lipton, Skippy, Promise, Hellmann’s and Bertolli.

Unilever US president Mike Polk said: “Our goal is to help consumers everywhere achieve nutritional balance within their energy needs to help them live vital and healthy lives. As a leading global foods manufacturer, Unilever wants to find ways to help make healthier choices easier for consumers – without compromising on taste, product quality or convenience. We achieve this by improving the nutritional quality of our products and by informing consumers of healthier food choices.”