Wal-Mart recently announced that it intends to rapidly increase its organic offerings and this, reportedly, has led to increased pressure being placed on suppliers to up the number of big-brand organic alternatives.

Karen Burk of Wal-Mart told just-food yesterday (17 May) that although the world’s largest retailer does not discuss individual supplier relations, “we have very open discussions with them regarding meeting consumer demand”.

“If a major brand is making a play in the organics category, it’s nice that a major retailer such as Wal-Mart, with locations around the country, can make that selection available to consumers,” Burk continued. “It all comes down to tailoring our assortments to each community and making sure that we have the correct representation on our shelves for our customers, whether that’s in organic or any category.”

It is rumoured that Wal-Mart has asked Kellogg to produce organic cereal ranges, although the company was not immediately available for comment. Larger firms, such as Kraft, are expected to follow suit and begin production of organic alternatives to their big brands.