US retailer Weis Markets today (4 August) announced the launch of its ‘Local and Proud of It’ campaign.

The campaign emphasises Weis Market’s commitment to offering a selection of locally grown produce, the company said.

The campaign will be highlighted in stores with window signs, banners and ‘first of the season’ signs.

Weis Markets president and CEO David Hepfinger said: “For 97 years, we’ve purchased and sold local produce wherever we’ve operated stores. This year, we expect to purchase GBP21m (US$36m) of local produce from nearly 150 local producers and co-ops.

“In challenging economic times, offering local produce makes even more sense due to the lower costs of bringing it to market compared to other parts of the country and the world. Closer proximity to markets also lessens the environmental impact.”

During the growing season, Weis Markets sells a variety of local produce which generates 20% of Weis Markets’ produce sales.