The Western Pistachio Association said today (1 April) that Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella is the only facility involved in the recent pistachio recall.

Yesterday, US safety officials said it was investigating salmonella contamination in pistachio products sold by Setton Pistachio, the second-largest pistachio processor in the US.

The company stopped all distribution of processed pistachios this week and is to issue a voluntary recall involving around one million pounds of its products.

The Western Pistachio Association has since issued a notice on the recall in a bid to assure consumers that the recall is merely “precautionary” and that it is not related to recent recalls of peanut products linked to a salmonella outbreak.

“Growers and processors are continuing efforts to ensure the safety of their current inventories,” the statement said. “As a further precautionary measure, growers and processors are committed to continuing testing of pistachio shipments going forward.”

The association said that pistachio growers and processors are cooperating with health authorities on the issue. 

“The health and safety of consumers is the industry’s number-one priority. The industry is committed to working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Public Health to address any questions about pistachio safety.”