US firm Westminster Foods has acquired another New York-based business, the chocolate and flavoured syrup maker H Fox & Co.

The acquisition “broadens Westminster’s existing sauce, syrup and condiment business including Gold’s horseradish based sauces and Nathan ‘s mustard lines”, Westminster said. The Fox’s line will be offered under the Gold’s Pure Foods umbrella of products.

Fox, founded in 1895 by Herman Fox , sells through retail and foodservice channels under the Fox’s and Fox’s U-bet brands. 

Westminster’s CEO, Bob Abramowitz, said: “We’re very happy to add Fox to our growing sauces and syrup portfolio. Like Gold’s horseradish, Westminster Crackers and Lucy’s snacks, the Fox brand is well known for premium quality and authenticity.” Abramowitz said Westminster would continue to offer all the Fox’s products under the Fox name.

Westminster Foods is a food holding company created last year by the private-equity firm LaSalle Capital, when it invested in Westminster Cracker Company and combined it with another asset it acquired, Gold’s Pure Foods.

In January this year, LaSalle Capital snapped up US allergen-free cookie maker Dr Lucy’s and added that its food portfolio under Westminster Foods.