Whole Living, the manufacturer and distributor of all-natural whole foods, has said that since the introduction of ForeverGreen’s business model the company has seen “a significant impact” on its net income, bringing the company closer to profitability.

“The impact of the company’s new management team and the purchase of a 23% equity interest in ForeverGreen International has moved Whole Living closer to sustaining positive net income,” the company said.

Whole Living said that during the first six months of 2006 it had recognised a gain of approximately US$100,000 from its equity interest in ForeverGreen, a privately-owned corporation that shares management and a product catalogue with Whole Living.

“The integration of ForeverGreen’s model into our business has put the company on track to positive cash flow and positive earnings,” said Whole Living president Ron Williams. “This is why we are moving towards a combining of ForeverGreen and Whole Living, the main objective from our initial investment in ForeverGreen.”

Whole Living said it was also seeing growth from its international operations that are coming on line with the ForeverGreen model. Initial results have been strong in Australia and England as global expansion remains a focus, presenting significant growth opportunity ahead, the company said.