Whole Living, manufacturer and distributor of all natural whole foods, today announced that preliminary revenues for the first quarter ending 31 March increased by 25% over the fourth quarter of 2005.

“Our management team is very excited over these results which will continue to grow for the foreseeable future,” said CEO Ron Williams.

“During the first quarter our new management team took over in late January, and spent the remainder of the quarter integrating our facilities, programmes, and products which required extensive time and resources. Having completed this in late March and turning our efforts to marketing, we recognized an immediate and significant increase in new distributors, customers, and sales. We were amazed that through this very demanding period we were still able to grow our sales over 25%, and are eager to see what we can do now that all of our efforts are focused on expanding our business.”

In addition to increased revenues, the company has focused on improving efficiencies and strengthening the bottom line during the quarter.

Williams continued: “Having streamlined our operations and almost effortlessly growing sales, we are well positioned for the growth ahead of us. Moving forward we are focusing our efforts on expanding our sales both domestically and internationally, including the launch of several foreign markets which we believe will eventually exceed our domestic sales. This is in fact a very exciting time for our corporation for both the distributors and shareholders alike.”