The Texas-based premium meat supplier Winn Meat Company has named Jamie Samford, one of the leading chefs in the south-western US, as vice president of product development.

The company said Samford would lead new initiatives “that leverage Winn’s extensive history of serving the Texas’ foodservice industry, with innovations and custom-programmes to serve the specific needs of chef customers”. Samford joined Winn in 2006 in a corporate chef role.

“Jamie Samford’s appointment to Winn Meat Company as corporate chef was a solid strategic move to add to our intellectual capital and provide leadership and tools for our team of chef and culinary professionals throughout all departments,” said Walter Wilkerson, Winn Meat Company co-president. “His leadership on initiatives to enhance our programmes for chef customers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin and beyond has been tremendous, and we look forward to his continued expert contributions as vice president of product development.”