Scientists at Wrigley headquarters are embarking on a mission of sorts – to prove its chewing gum has health benefits.  

The Wrigley Science Institute (WSI) has been established to study whether chewing gum may help consumers improve weight management, stress relief, alertness and concentration.

The WSI will be the first organisation of its kind to focus on advancing the research and understanding of the benefits of chewing gum.

Wrigley’s chief innovation officer Surinder Kumar said: “The emerging science behind these benefits supports what we’ve heard anecdotally from consumers for years, and further study could substantially change the way people use gum as part of their everyday lives.”

According to NPD Group Snack Track, in 2005, chewing gum was the number one snack choice among US adults aged 18-54.

WSI executive director Gilbert Leveille: “Chewing gum is a simple act many of us do every day, yet we rarely think about its potential benefits. Not long ago, the same could have been said about drinking water, but today we know how important and beneficial it is to overall well-being.

“Chewing gum may be similar and it could help people achieve multiple health and wellness benefits.”