Chobani is to add to its range of yoghurts with mix-ins in the US as competition in the sector heats up.

More Chobani Flip Greek yoghurts will roll out next month across the US, part of a range of new lines and flavours from the company, which is facing intense competition from Danone, General Mills and now Muller Quaker Dairy, PepsiCo’s US yoghurt venture.

The Chobani Flip yoghurt comes in four flavours, including Blueberry Power – which contains blueberry Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts – and Peachy Pistachio, peach yoghurt with pistachio and dark chocolate.

Chobani has also added new flavours to its 3.5oz Chobani Bite range, its line of 6oz cups and its Chobani Champions portfolio, which is targeted at children.

“We know that the yogurt market in America is just beginning; European consumers eat up to seven and a half times more yogurt per capita,” John Heath, senior vice president of innovation at Chobani, said. “Our new products are designed to surprise and delight consumers – welcoming some to Greek yoghurt for the first time through a familiar format like our blended yogurt, challenging the taste buds of others with exotic and trending ingredients like chia seeds and ginger, and servicing new occasions like snacking and mindful treats in order to help expand the category.”

Greek yoghurt has driven the growth of the whole yoghurt sector in the US in recent years. Interest in Greek yoghurt has led manufacturers, including Chobani, to up capacity. 

As a consequence, analysts at Sanford Bernstein said last month they had seen more promotions from Chobani, the largest Greek yoghurt producer in the US, in recent weeks and expected the sector as a whole to see more activity in the weeks ahead.

Later today, General Mills will report its annual results, which are expected to include a fall in US yoghurt sales. It has already set out plans for increased marketing and innovation in the year ahead.