Zukay Live Foods has launched its first-to-market probiotic, lacto-fermented condiment range.

Each product in the Zukay line-up, which includes ketchup, salsas and relishes, contains a symbiosis of live cultures with fresh raw ingredients in a non-dairy base. No chemicals or preservatives are used.

Zukay launched the new product line in answer to the increasing number of consumers with digestive health problems and as an alternative to the “countless processed food offerings.”

“Today’s typical lifestyle puts beneficial intestinal flora under attack from stress, lack of sleep, processed sugar, and toxin overload,” said Scott Grzybek, co-founder Zukay Live Foods. “We set out to create foods that provide the body probiotics it needs by eating familiar favourites people already love.”

The new line includes Hot Salsa, Mild Salsa, Garlic Dill Relish, Horseradish Dill Relish and Ketchup. The products will be available this month in natural product supermarkets and specialty food stores in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions of the US.