Innovations, Inc.  (Since 1993, Graham, Marsland, and Dyer have pioneered a number of ag and food websites and developed a multitude of ecommerce strategies for clients such as Dupont,, Novartis, and 
The mission for AgriFood Innovations is to be the agrifood sector’s leading thought and risk partner, focusing on innovative strategies and technologies to help its clients enhance their competitiveness.  Its services include strategic consulting; ebusiness development; and ebusiness hosting, networking and security solutions.
There is no doubt that technological innovations are accelerating change in the agrifood sector, forcing its stakeholders to develop innovative strategies to maintain their competitive advantage.  “The life spans of these strategies are getting shorter, indicating that organizations must evolve faster to maintain their edge,” Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu, AgriFood Innovations’ Managing Director points out.  AgriFood Innovations is driven by its desire to help companies innovate faster and build sustainable, competitive advantages.  
“The AgriFood Innovations team has been fortunate enough to work with a number of the leading agriculture and food companies over the past few years.  These relationships have allowed us to study the critical success factors in a technology-driven information-based economy,” Dr. Amanor-Boadu explains.  “So it made sense for us to dedicate our resources to the agriculture, food, and biotech sector.  To this end, we have organized our resources to help the agrifood and biotech sectors take full advantage of the knowledge, technology and relationships we have acquired.”
AgriFood Innovations offers the agriculture, food, and biotech sectors two main services:
Knowledge services

  • Strategic Consulting – identifying internal and external issues and opportunities to determine the most effective innovative solutions to yield quantum, instead of incremental, results.
  • Think Pieces – thought-provoking research reports designed to help agrifood stakeholders get a sense of how technology and innovation will influence their success.
  • AgriFood Innovation Thought Circle – facilitated networking and learning opportunities in non-competitive conditions that accelerate adoption of innovations by agrifood stakeholders.
  • Brand Development and Related Creative Services.

Internet Technology and Software Solutions

  • eBusiness development.
  • eBusiness hosting, network solutions, and security analysis.
  • smartVelocity suite of web-based technology products. 

Filling in the theoretical gaps with hands-on experience is central to AgriFood Innovations’ value proposition to its clients.  Many strategists are encouraging agrifood stakeholders to develop strategic alliances and supply chains, yet they do not adequately address the risks involved.  !It is important to develop technological and other innovative solutions to address the internal and external changes that occur as a result of these relationships, not the least of which is the redistribution of power between the players.  We firmly believe in strategic alliances and supply chains, and we also have the experience to implement them successfully.!

Information and market efficiency pressures suggest that ebusiness initiatives are necessary for surviving in the new economy.  !It has nothing to do with dot com or bricks and mortar.  It is simply today’s business reality.  If you are not connected, if you do not have a technology strategy, then you are not in the game,” observes Darren Marsland, AgriFood Innovations’ Director of Technology. 

For more information about AgriFood Innovations, contact Dr. Vincent Amanor-Boadu at (519) 763-9660 ext 267, email, or visit our website at

AgriFood Innovations is a wholly owned subsidiary of VentureLabour.