Demonstrating its commitment to listening to supplier and buyer needs, Agribuys has revamped its pricing structure to provide a variety of choices so customers can choose the plan that best suits their business.

Leading supply chain integrator Agribuys offers new pricing that makes its powerful supply chain management hub even more accessible to food buyers and suppliers. Created in direct response to supplier and buyer requests, the company’s new pricing allows clients to equitably share costs while selecting the pricing plan that best meets their individual needs.

“Agribuys has now completed a significant number of complex implementations and we have developed accurate knowledge of the cost drivers of e-commerce,” said Marina Kotsianas, Agribuys’ president and CEO. “Our new pricing is based on a thorough analysis of the hardware and software services, security, marketplace management, and redundancy services that are essential to provide the service levels that our customers expect. Our buyers and suppliers have told us that they are willing to share in the expense if we provide a structure that is fair, reflects our actual costs, and creates tangible value for them.”

Under Agribuys’ new pricing structure, user fees start as low as $75 per month. Plans offer value pricing for high volume users as well as for occasional and seasonal users.

A nominal, flat fee is charged for each completed and reconciled purchase order regardless of the size of the order or the number of communications and transactions needed to complete the purchase order. Simultaneously, Agribuys has also introduced very affordable pricing for its complete suite of integration solutions.

Agribuys’ users obtain access to the company’s Procurement Module, standard training and user set-up services, and customer service support via its call center and online Live Help function. Relationship support services, reports, and data integration consultation are also included. Agribuys’ basic fees include the software, hardware and other infrastructure necessary to maintain a 24/7 system capable of handling more than 1,000 purchase orders a second in a confidential and secure environment. In addition, customers can choose to add premium services to their Agribuys package, for automating such tasks as collaborative planning and demand forecasting.

“Agribuys offers the most comprehensive and proven menu of e-commerce services in food perishables today,” Kotsianas continued. “Close working relationships with our partners, large and small, have enabled us to develop these services, and will allow us to continue enhancing our offerings.”

Minos Athanassiadis, Agribuys’ vice president of produce, added, “Our new pricing has been received very positively by our suppliers and buyers. Our goal is to make the benefits of supply chain management available to all partners in ways that are equitable and affordable. Only by opening the playing field to everyone can we truly optimize collaborative planning and commerce between food industry partners across the globe.”

About Agribuys

Agribuys is a leading supply chain integrator for the global food industry. Agribuys offers Internet-based solutions for demand planning, procurement, logistics, receiving and payment. These solutions improve the way organizations carry out transactions, use real-time information to make decisions, and build relationships with their supply chain partners. Based in California, with offices in Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe, Agribuys is rapidly expanding to further broaden its global procurement platform. The company is backed by Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE). Its strategic partners include the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE), the premier Internet-based business-to-business (B2B) exchange for retailers and their suppliers. The WWRE currently has 53 members with combined sales of U.S. $722 billion. For more information, visit the company’s web site at or call 877.499.3052.