Following the success of its advisory council composed of produce suppliers, Agribuys’ seafood council will focus on issues specific to that industry.

As an extension of its policy of listening to the needs of its customers, Agribuys announced today the creation of a seafood supplier advisory council.  The Seafood Advisory Council (SAC) will give suppliers a forum to voice concerns, air e-commerce-related issues, and request additions to the Agribuys platform.

“Frank feedback is very important when building a customer-centric company that is growing as rapidly as Agribuys,” says Marina Kotsianas, Agribuys’ president and CEO.  “The Seafood Advisory Council is the newest channel through which our supplier customers can talk to us about the e-commerce-related issues that are important to them.  From the first, we have surveyed our suppliers on a regular basis.  That practice will continue and be supplemented by the input from Council members.”

Agribuys’ SAC is comprised of seafood suppliers representing small, medium and large companies as well as primary processor/catchers, aqua culturists, wholesalers and distributors:  a true cross-section of the industry.  Members will serve a one-year, voluntary term.  They will express the specific needs of seafood suppliers that use an Internet-based supply chain management system.  The Council will also evaluate Agribuys’ current system and offer suggestions for improved functionality.

Agribuys’ first supply-side input group, the Produce Advisory Council (PAC), made its debut in October 2000 at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit.

“Suggestions from PAC have resulted in several enhancements to the Agribuys system,” says Kotsianas.  “More than 60 supplier-requested features have been incorporated into Version 10 of our web site which will be introduced in October.  For example, suppliers will be able to establish ZIP code-based freight contracts and easily apply custom-built charges to purchase orders or freight bills.”

Other additions derived from PAC suggestions include the system’s ability to incorporate price sheets based on region, and a supplier notification system that alerts suppliers to buyer claims against them.

“Input from the visionaries in the SAC will help us to ensure that the seafood segment of our system achieves its maximum potential,” adds Muriel Mack, one of Agribuys’ seafood specialists spearheading the SAC.  Mack has perspective as both a buyer and supplier in the seafood industry, having worked as a commercial fisherman for 10 years and as a buyer with various global seafood companies for an additional 17 years.  “These leaders in the seafood industry will help Agribuys improve its functionality and further address the unique needs of the category,” says Mack.

About Agribuys

Agribuys provides access to a neutral marketplace for the food industry. It offers Internet-based solutions for demand planning, procurement, logistics, receiving and invoice reconciliation.  Customers worldwide utilize Agribuys to create value by reducing order-processing costs, increasing collaboration with supply chain partners and improving the way they use real-time information to make decisions.  The Agribuys data exchange module facilitates connection to any legacy system and handles XML as well as EDI and flat file data.  Based in California, with offices in Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe, Agribuys is rapidly expanding to further broaden its global services.  Its strategic partners include the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE), the premier Internet-based business-to-business (B2B) exchange for retailers and their suppliers.

The WWRE currently has 56 members with combined sales of U.S. $820 billion.  The company is backed by Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE). For more information, visit the company’s web site at or call 877.499.3052.