US-based AGRIS Corporation has announced the formation of its Specialty Crops Division to introduce the first comprehensive crop and raw product management information system for processed food and beverage companies.

Founded in 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary of John Deere, AGRIS provides IT solutions to agribusinesses, and its new division will utilise the ExtendAg™product suite tools to support financial, food safety and logistics decision-making among growers, haulers, and processors in specialty crops markets.

In a press release, AGRIS revealed: “Components of ExtendAg already have proven effective in the tomato processing industry and will be introduced by


AGRIS to other specialty crop markets.”

Jerred Pauwels, director of the AGRIS Specialty Crops Division, commented: “We recognise the tremendous opportunities that are available to the food processing industry by leveraging information systems to deliver better, safer food more cost effectively.”

Pauwels will be leading a team of nearly 30 agricultural and technology experts, and will serve food processors involved in freezing, canning, packaging, drying, fermenting, or juicing raw vegetables and fruits.

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