Two US airlines, America West Airlines and Northwest Airlines, are testing the idea of selling food on their flights.

America West has begun a three-week trial of selling meals on certain flights, while Northwest Airlines is starting its own test period next week.

America West’s trial has started out with a choice of two snack selection boxes, costing US$3-5 and including items such as cheese, crackers, nuts, sandwiches and chocolate bars, but will progress to three $5 breakfast, lunch and dinner choices next week on certain flights, with $10 dinner menus such as chicken kiev or beef tenderloin being offered the following week.

A spokesman for Northwest, Kurt Ebenhoch, said surveys by the airline-food industry have shown that there is overwhelming support among passengers for being able to buy food on flights that do not already provide it. He said that Northwest is looking at a plan with D’Amico & Sons, a Minneapolis-based chain of restaurants and take-out shops, reported The New York Times online.