Lightweight yet powerful Airshirz® pneumatic scissors from Bettcher Industries increase worker productivity while reducing muscle fatigue in poultry wing trimming operations.

With its fixed bottom blade design, Airshirz provides a clean, accurate cutting action, resulting in consistent-quality separation of the wing and the drummette.

Fully controllable blades allow operators to use Airshirz units in the wing-trimming application, just as they would manual scissors. Yet Airshirz requires approximately 90% less muscle activity to operate, and achieves up to 127% greater worker productivity over manual scissors.

Airshirz scissors are now available in two grip designs: a two-finger grip for smaller hands, and a larger finger loop style, which allows for customization to individual operators. All units feature an automatic spring-return action, so no effort is required to open the blades.

Moreover, the pneumatic design gives users complete control over the cutting action, thereby guarding against accidents or an inadvertent cut. A safety latch secures blades in a locked position to enhance safety and prevent damage when not in use. All units use standard 80 to 120 psi plant air.

Commenting on the tool’s productivity and safety aspects, Richard Greszler, Marketing Manager, stated, “Airshirz scissors provide major improvements in reducing muscle fatigue and exposure to a variety of risk factors associated with cumulative trauma disorders when carrying out wing trim activities. There are clear benefits for poultry processing managers who are looking for improved employee welfare and lower turnover – along with increased productivity,” he added.

Airshirz pneumatic scissors utilize stainless steel blades, with multiple configurations available. Blades can be removed in seconds and sharpened using conventional sharpening equipment. Based on 80 hours of use weekly, blade life extends to six months with daily buffing and weekly blade sharpening.

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