US supermarket operator Albertsons has announced that it is launching a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) programme and will be using the technology to improve efficiencies in consumer demand chain management.

The company said it is currently in the testing phase using RFID technology with select partners at the case and pallet level. Albertsons expects its top 100 suppliers to be participating in the RFID program at the case and pallet level by April 2005. 

“We are confident that RFID technology will further enhance our service to customers by improving consumer demand chain management,” said Bob Dunst, executive vice president and chief technology officer.

“We’ll be able to instantly locate products as they flow through our supply chain, making sure the right products are in the right place at the right time as we focus on making our customers’ lives easier,” Dunst added. 

Gabe Gabriel, executive vice president, merchandising and supply chain for Albertsons, said the improvements to the supply chain management system would enhance the company’s operational efficiency.