US grocery giant Albertson’s plans to invest US$184m in new store and fuel centre construction, and existing store remodels, through the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“We are here to stay,” said chairman and CEO Larry Johnston: “By increasing our store base, remodelling our existing stores as well as continuing to introduce new marketing and merchandising plans we will strengthen our position [in] this community.”

This year, the company’s expenditure in the area will increase by about 30% over 2001, with plans to invest US$90m in 2002 and another estimated US$94m in 2003. In 2001, the company invested about US$70m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“This significant investment in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex speaks volumes about Albertson’s commitment to our customers,” said Wayne Denningham, Dallas/Fort Worth division president.

Albertson’s began serving the Dallas/Fort Worth community in 1984. The company currently operates 97 stores and employs approximately 10,000 people in the area.