On Thursday, May 18, 2000, New Yorkers will get a chance to sample a “little taste of heaven®” and support families in need at the same time. New PHILADELPHIA(TM) Snack Bars has partnered with a NY-based non-profit organization, Room To Grow, to help make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

During a special ceremony held at Bryant Park from 12 – 2 p.m., actress Peri Gilpin, most well-known as “Roz” from NBC’s hit show “Frasier,” will join PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars and Room To Grow to help kick-off the partnership announcement.

In celebration of its national product launch, PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars is helping Room To Grow provide underprivileged children, birth to age 3, with toys, clothing, books and material essentials for a healthy and secure start in life. During the months of May and June when Americans purchase new PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars, 10 cents from each box sold, up to $100,000, will help fund the donation to Room to Grow.

At the May 18th event, a troupe of angels will descend upon Bryant Park to turn it into a “heavenly oasis,” and indulge New Yorkers with PHILADELPHIA Snack Bar samples as well as other delights. In addition, angels will poll New Yorkers to reveal their personal I.Q. (Indulgence Quotient) and offer creative, “down-to-earth” suggestions and tips on how to pamper yourself anytime. A heavenly choir of mini angels from the New York Boys Choir will entertain the lunchtime crowd with sweet serenades. New Yorkers are encouraged to bring a new or nearly new book (for children ages birth to 3) for Room To Grow, a developmental item the organization needs.

“Now, when people enjoy new PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars, they will also be supporting others in need through our partnership with Room To Grow,” said John Lazowski, brand manager, PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars.

Room To Grow is a unique charity that was founded in order to help low-income parents provide a more educationally stimulating and comfortable environment during their children’s earliest years. By providing underprivileged children with educational toys, books, clothing and other baby essentials during the first three years of life, Room To Grow is helping to ensure their on-going emotional, intellectual and psychological well being and provides the foundation for optimal growth. Pre-selected organizations allow Room To Grow to establish outreach to low-income clients. During their child’s first three years, parents in need have their own appointment every three months to “shop,” at no cost, for baby essentials all children need.

“Poverty has a profound negative effect on early childhood development and our work to reduce its impact depends on support in all forms,” says Julie Brown, founder and executive director, Room To Grow. “Thanks to this generous donation, we have the means to significantly increase the number of children we can reach, helping to improve their future by giving them a healthy and secure start in life.”

PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars offers your favorite cheesecake flavors in a convenient form. Each individual-sized PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars is made with real PHILADELPHIA® Cream Cheese, a rich cheesecake filling and a delicious graham cracker crust. PHILADELPHIA Snack Bars stay fresh out of the refrigerator up to five hours and are the ultimate way to satisfy your sweet snack craving at home, while at work or on-the-go.

To learn more about the PHILADELPHIA(TM) Snack Bars/Room To Grow project, or to find out how you can help Room to Grow, visit the Room To Grow website at