Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based restaurant chain Arby’s, a subsidiary of the Triarc Restaurant Group, has lauded the success of its Market Fresh sandwiches and announced a new addition to the line.

Following a May 2001 launch, the fastfood firm found that the deli-style sandwiches were soon generating 9-15% of its menu sales. It seems that by making a simple, comfort food like a sandwich available in drive-thrus, Arby’s has both widened its menu choice and secured access to healthier fastfood consumers.

Former QSR Magazine editor Lea Davis explained: “Market Fresh has differentiated Arby’s from other top-tier quick service companies.”

After a trial in March, a new sandwich, Roast Turkey, Ranch and Bacon, proved popular, and Arby’s has now introduced it to the range nationwide on a more permanent basis.

Arby’s now insists that recently, several months of increased same store sales have been fuelled by the new sandwich line, and accordingly it plans to continue developing the Market Fresh offering.