Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation, has launched encapsulated cinnamon for use by the baking sector. The company claims that the product, to be known as Flavorshure Cinnamon, solves the problem of aldehyde, the volatile compound contained in cinnamon that inhibits the performance of yeast, a vital ingredient in the baking industry. The cinnamon in Flavorshure is protected to control flavour without interfering with the yeast’s function.

In a sample product test, a loaf of bread baked with encapsulated cinnamon boasted 16% improvement in stack height over the loaf containing raw cinnamon. Encapsulated cinnamon is also well suited for dough applications where consumers require maximum cinnamon flavour and aroma.

Winston Samuels, Balchem Encapsulates’ vice president and general manager, commented: “Almost everyone loves cinnamon’s flavour and aroma. By developing an encapsulated form of this ingredient, we can help manufacturers broaden their market share and look for new areas to develop their business.

“Balchem strives to develop new products that add value to our customers’ businesses. With encapsulated cinnamon, we provide a solution as well as new opportunities for those who want to work with this spice but have not been able to overcome the challenges it presents in its raw form.”