Barrington Foods International has announced approval from its Board of Directors for the hiring of Sheldon H. Rosenberg, as President.

The company stated that the appointment of Rosenberg, a certified public account with over 25 years of experience in business and financial matters, was designed to permit Chairman of the Board, Rendall Williams, and former President more time to concentrate on sales and marketing worldwide. With experience in international and domestic taxation, the new President will hopefully help to structure the company’s international operations.

Williams stated: “we are pleased that Sheldon agreed to join our Barrington team. With a strong background in accounting and tax matters, we now have the flexibility to structure our distribution agreements in countries like Thailand and Vietnam to take advantage of cash management and tax savings.

“We believe that Barrington Foods offers the high quality food products with a great price structure for distributors. Now we have the business and tax acumen to make sure that we maximize our revenue stream.”

Barrington Foods International produces and distributes a wide variety of food products (both branded and private labeled) including a line of vitamin enriched milk formulas for Infant, Toddler and Adult consumption. The Infant formula is being marketed worldwide including Thailand and Vietnam.