Barrington Foods International (OTCBB:EBAI) came to terms with both Jack C. Schlichting and Tim Hall.

Schlichting is V.P. of sales and marketing, while Hall becomes sales manager for the North American region. Both have extensive backgrounds in the food industry.

Schlichting has extensive leadership qualities, in addition to a history of achieving results. He has directed startups from ground level to achieve mega profits. He has directed 250 sales representatives to attain goals of $226 million. He has also worked for Marshall Industries, where he was responsible for the start-up of the Electronic Distribution Center — a division.

Schlichting also played professional baseball with the L.A. Dodgers from 1984-1987.

Hall was the owner of Halls Specialty Foods, which successfully sold many items to major chains. Prior to going into business for himself, Hall was the sales manager for the Pure water division of First Austin, after which he became director of the entire food production. He is featured in a book called “Mischief Marketing” to share some of his successes.