, creator of beenz™, yesterday announced its launch of “beenzCodes,” including the utilization of a patented technology targeting the offline market.

“beenz can now bring to offline businesses the marketing benefits that we have brought to online businesses with integrated on- and offline incentive and reward programs and promotions. It’s beenz everywhere,” said Charles Cohen, chairman and CEO of inc. “68% of consumers who use web sites to research products later make their purchase in an offline store, and spend 30% more than other consumers do. beenzCodes will enable our customers to capture, track and tap into the spending power of the multi-channel consumer.”

beenzCodes are simple-to-enter codes issued inside product packaging by manufacturers or given to the purchaser at point of sale. They may also be used in direct mail to increase response rates or in print media to track performance. Each code is unique and allows the merchant to track the product from its point of manufacture to its purchase by the ultimate consumer.

The purchaser enters a code at a specified web site, along with personal information that might be requested by the manufacturer, to earn beenz. All of the information collected can be used by the product manufacturer to develop a product more in tune with its consumers’ needs, thereby producing a more profitable and long-term relationship with consumers.

The result is a nice payback for the consumer and a powerful and unique multi-channel relationship marketing tool for businesses. The beenz earned by the consumer can be spent on products and/or services offered by the manufacturer, in online stores worldwide that form part of the beenz network, or transferred to the consumer’s beenz rewardzcard Mastercard™ to spend anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

The company’s launch of beenzCodes coincides with the acquisition by of several key US and foreign patents. The patents, including patent #6,039,244 in the U.S. and several pending in countries around the world, provide beenz with the exclusive right to place alphanumeric codes on or inside product packaging (hidden from the consumer before the purchase has been made), in conjunction with the purchaser earning beenz by submitting that code through a web site. Other applications include retail and wireless devices.

“The benefits of beenzCodes go far beyond this initial proposition to offline businesses,” said Cohen. “Our patented beenzCodes technology will provide a flexible and effective tool to exploit this cross-over effect to the retailer’s advantage.”

About, creator of beenz™, is headquartered in New York with offices across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. beenz is a powerful marketing tool designed to attract and maintain the attention of online consumers. beenz technology partners are Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCL), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) and Exodus Communications (NASDAQ: EXDS). For information on beenz, please visit For more information on beenzCodes, write to

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