Import of  heart-shaped bison-turkey burger not allowed by UK

Lindner Bison announced today that according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in London, its heart-shaped BISURKEY (pronounced “Bizurkey”) Burgers will remain in the U.S. and Canada for now.

In a three-page letter received from the International Trade (Products) Branch, Lindner Bison was advised “I can confirm that it is not possible to import either product [e.g., minced bison and turkey] from Canada or the USA at the present time.”  The letter goes on to say  ” . . . conditions of import are the same throughout the European community.” and “As there is no provision for the importation into the EU of minced poultry meat, I regret to advise you that this trade is not permitted.”

BISURKEY (pronounced “Bizurky”) is made with all natural bison and turkey. 
It won the California Restaurant Association’s Innovator Award in the Healthy Food Category and has been featured nationally on TV and in several newspapers, including the Sunday New York Daily News.

Lindner Bison is interested in importing BISURKEY for red meat lovers understandably concerned about BSE or mad cow disease.  “BISURKEY combines free range bison and a smaller amount of turkey,” said Ken Lindner, co-owner of the company.  “Since neither meats are bovine in origin, we thought it would give our European neighbors a red meat alternative, not only now, during this period of concern, but into the future as well.”

“Our next step is to explore a possible appeal process concerning the turkey,  since BISURKEY is predominantly made of bison meat.  Failing that, we’ll hope for a temporary waiver while we look for processor/distributor in Europe.” Though the mix is proprietary, the company points out its product is mostly made of bison meat.  “We found that adding the smaller amount of turkey improves the moisture and helps bind the lean meat,” said Ken Lindner. “It’s naturally low in cholesterol, 90-95% lean.  It tastes good and with a name like BISURKEY, it’s just a little more fun.”

Americans think so too. The company’s sales last year alone increased over 1200%, and by the looks of it, this year will see another substantial increase.  Why?  “It’s one of the most innovative food products to come along in years.” say the Lindners.  “Many of our customers tell us it tastes like steak.” 
With a heart-shaped patty as the company’s flagship product, not surprisingly, Lindner Bison is busy this month.   The company announced it will donate half of its BISURKEY profits from sales during February (Heart Health Month) to both the American Heart Association and to the international V-Day Fund, a non-profit organization in support of violence against women.  

BISURKEY is processed by Durham Meats, San Jose, CA meat purveyor since 1959, who also processes and distributes about 650 tons of bison meat annually.

BISURKEY retails for about $4.99-$6.99/lb. and is available in Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Seattle.  More information is available by calling 1-800-809-6030, and by visiting