Burger King Corp has revealed plans to roll out a veggie burger product throughout its US outlets, hoping that the vegetarian menu addition will help the company “earn back some loyalty”.

“We thought it was time to do it,” explained the firm’s vice president and chief global marketing officer Christopher Clouser: “We’ve been looking [into a meat-free product] for the last three months very, very seriously, domestically and internationally.”

Speaking to Dow Jones Newswires yesterday, Clouser added that he expects “a bunch of consultants will pooh pooh” the idea, but consumers have been requesting the product for some time.

“It will not be an overnight winner,” warned Clouser, “but it will be an overnight customer winner in rounding out the menu and giving some variety.”

As yet without an official name, the veggie burger’s ingredients have not been disclosed, and Clouser admitted that BK is facing “supply-chain issues”.

The US launch of a vegetarian product heralds a series of operational and marketing innovations at the company. Burger King is believed to be under pressure from its parent company, British-based Diageo PLC, to improve its sales and earnings in order to undergo an IPO or a private sale, allowing Diageo to concentrate on its core liquor business.

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