Now bakeries and restaurants in Atlanta can find any type of service or vendor simply by logging onto the services area. Services and listings of companies that cater to the bakery and restaurant industries are listed by category. There are 38 categories. Categories include food vendors, landscaping, accounting, office suppliers, beverage companies, linen, locksmith companies, music and many more. This allows the operators to stay close to their operation while having the information they need to run the company within a click of a button. It also allows new food & beverage operators coming into the Atlanta market to locate their suppliers prior going into the market.

Listings for the companies are free until June 1st and will be $4.00 a month thereafter. Listings will include a link to the companies site which shall increase visitors to the listing companies. Suppliers can also add their logo to the page for a small fee. continues to add additional content for the bakeries and restaurants throughout the United States and has continued to showcase additional companies products. They have recently added their 70th vendor which showcases their products.

For more information, please contact Cliff Bramble at 770.242.0852, or visit the site at