On June 27, 2000 BuyBreads.com, of Atlanta, GA, announced it has added its 103rd bakery industry vendor to showcase their products on the BuyBreads.com website. Free to bakery industry suppliers, bakery retailers and wholesale bakeries, the site has become the spot to find mail-order & bakery finished products, bakery supplies and bakery equipment. Since moving to the business to business model, BuyBreads.com has added over 30 vendors per month with a cumulative total of over 5000 products from breads, bakery ingredients, and now supplies and equipment.

Used by a nationwide section of bakeries, buyers, and sellers, BuyBreads.com is used to source new bakery products, source pricing, and soon, will be able to purchase their bakery goods online. BuyBreads.com has also added a large searchable Bakery Industry Search engine called BigBakery.com which has thousands of links to suppliers, manufacturers, and bakeries worldwide. Founder, Clifford Bramble says, “Now, restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses, and bakeries can locate ingredients, supplies and equipment and find new products in minutes by using the BigBakery.com search engine as well as searching on BuyBreads.com”.

For the vendors, BuyBreads.com completes the online marketing by maintaining their pages monthly and updating products and information daily. BuyBreads.com provides an area for bakeries, bakery suppliers and buyers to locate products, add products, and showcase their products throughout the website for free. Suppliers and Distributors can also add their website for free to BigBakery.com and the link to their site will happen within 24 hours. It allows many of the bakery industry trade to log onto one Bakery industry site, and begin their search for products. It is easier and more affordable than a trade show, and the visitors locate their products within seconds and without ever leaving their operation. BuyBreads.com also has begun receiving advertisers that are featured on its home page. Advertisers include flour companies, suppliers, and distributors.

About BuyBreads.com: BuyBreads.com was founded in September of 1999 to create one area for bakeries and its vendors to showcase their products for free as well as creating the largest Internet Bakery which showcases bakery products on a national basis. BuyBreads.com showcases the products and maintains B2B area as well as a B2C mail-order area. BuyBreads.com has since grown into one of the largest Bread and bakery related websites. Founded by a restaurant and baking industry veteran, BuyBreads.com will continue to add vendors, suppliers, and buyers. It has surpassed its goal of 100 vendors by the end of June, 2000 and expects to reach 250 vendors by September. BuyBreads.com is also in the process of completing its million dollar inventory supply and equipment purchasing area with the addition of over 3500 supplies for the restaurant and bakery industries and plans on having its complete B2B purchasing software completed by the the fourth quarter of 2000. BuyBreads.com can be seen at www.buybreads.com. For more information, please contact Kyra Bramble at 678.488.9918 or via email at kyra@buybreads.com