BuyerLink Networks, Using Sand Hill Technology, Will Enhance Business with ‘Relationship e-Commerce(TM)’

BuyerLink Networks, a leading provider of network marketplaces serving the $3.9 trillion food and beverage industries, and Sand Hill Systems, a leader in Internet business-to-business e-commerce applications, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership. BuyerLink Networks will utilize the suite of Sand Hill Systems’ sophisticated e-commerce applications to bring greater efficiencies and ease of use to its e-marketplaces, while enhancing the business relationships between buyers and suppliers.

The BuyerLink Networks e-marketplaces allow buyers and suppliers to transact business more quickly and at significant cost savings, compared with the current method of doing business over phone or fax. In addition, Sand Hill Systems’ applications allow suppliers to maintain a unique relationship with each buyer, what Sand Hill calls “Relationship E-Commerce(TM).”

“Aligning with the Sand Hill Systems’ solutions enables BuyerLink to deliver on our commitment to enhance the relationships buyers and sellers have built with each other over the years,” said Rich Witherspoon, BuyerLink’s co-founder and Vice President of Marketing. “At the same time, we have created highly targeted online purchasing networks for the food and beverage industries, putting the BuyerLink exchanges significantly ahead of others in these vertical markets.”

“BuyerLink has a unique vision for its network of marketplaces,” said Ray Villeneuve, Sand Hill Systems’ CEO and President. “Our applications accommodate the complexity of business transactions while providing a high degree of customization that is important in these large and mature industries.”

Sand Hill’s technology also features strategic analysis reporting applications, which give buyers and suppliers access to a wealth of information about their business activities.

About BuyerLink Networks

BuyerLink Networks, based in San Jose, California, develops and hosts e-commerce marketplaces that enable buyers and suppliers in the food and beverage industries to conduct complex yet cost-effective transactions and access comprehensive e-business services. By permitting a wide range of customization, BuyerLink’s e-marketplaces support and maintain the longstanding relationships built between buyers and suppliers. For more information about BuyerLink Networks and its e-marketplaces, visit .

About Sand Hill Systems

Sand Hill Systems, based in San Jose, California, provides a suite of B2B e-commerce applications designed to strengthen relationships among business partnerships while dramatically reducing order entry and procurement costs. The catalog management, order entry, and graphical reporting applications are available by license or as a hosted service from Sand Hill, making them affordable for midsize manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers seeking a competitive advantage by conducting business on the Internet. For more information about Sand Hill Systems and its products, visit .