A campaign group that opposes planned US tariffs on shrimp imports has launched a print advertisement campaign aimed at informing consumers about the potential price increases for shrimp in the US should the International Trade Commission impose duties on imported shrimp from China and Vietnam.

The CITAC/ASDA Shrimp Task Force, an alliance between the Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition (CITAC) and the American Seafood Distributors Association (ASDA), said the advert highlights the projected differing costs of a shrimp dinner to the consumer before and after proposed tariffs are imposed.

On 6 July, the US Department of Commerce announced preliminary margins on shrimp imports from China ranging from 0.04% to 112.81%, and from Vietnam ranging from 12.11% to 93.13%. The proposed tariffs are a result of complaints by US shrimpers that China and Vietnam have been selling shrimp in the US at below-market prices.

The Shrimp Task Force claims that antidumping duties on shrimp imports would cause prices for all shrimp sold in the US to rocket, resulting in a fall in shrimp consumption.