In a bid to sharpen the firm’s focus on its sector competition and its consumer base, <STRONG>Campbell Soup Co. has reorganized its operations in the US. The company revealed yesterday that it is set to create two separate business units; the North American Soup unit and North American Beverages and Sauces unit.
The North American Soup unit is to be run by Andrew Hughson, who previously served as the president of US Soup and Sauce. Campbell admitted however that no one has yet been found to head up the North American Beverages and Sauces unit.
The company has created a number of corporate positions for the new units in the last few months, and these are now set to take on the functional responsibilities previously handled by the whole US unit.

Analysts have warned that Campbell core soup product may face problems because of its condensed nature. An unnamed soup watcher from the Bank of America said the soups would suffer from falling sales due to its low quality and advances made in the sector by other manufacturers.