Kentucky-based ingredients manufacturer D.D. Williamson has made its caramel colouring agent available to consumers. Hitherto sold exclusively to food technologists in the food manufacturing industry and the foodservice sector, the colour can now be used by individual consumers in their food preparation at home.

D.D. Williamson claims the advantage its caramel colour has over agents conventionally deployed to achieve a dark brown colour in food, such as molasses, instant coffee, soy sauce or cocoa powder, is that its caramel colour has no discernible taste. It is also very low in calories and salt, instantly soluble in water and stable at high temperatures.

The company produces its caramel colour by cooking corn syrup and is used to achieve a dark brown colour in products such as cookies, gravies and sauces. Consumers can buy the colour by visiting the website

Trading since 1865, D.D. Willliamson operates seven plants on five continents to serve its primary customers — food and beverage processors.