announced today the release of a new study “The U.S. Breakfast Market: Cereals”, by Packaged Facts(TM). According to this study, breakfast cereal’s nutraceutical value is being touted in response to America’s heightened health consciousness. And increased emphasis on healthy whole grain cereals coupled with FDA-approved health claims continue to pay off for cereal manufacturers.

“Marketers are stressing product fortification, especially with calcium, folic acid, vitamins and minerals, to promote the nutritional value of cereal,” said Claire Madden, VP of Marketing for “And since many people view health foods as tasteless, marketers have discovered that presenting the life-altering health benefits of cereal cleverly hidden in the great taste has boosted sales.”

Marketers have used the good-for-you-and-good-to-you combination to successfully cross-position products. In an effort to mine every possible consumer niche, marketers use the nostalgia of baby boomers, the concern of parents and the health consciousness of kids to push cereal as the easiest way to stay healthy. By extending the reach of top brands, marketers have extended the life of the cereal market resulting in over $9 billion in 2000 sales.

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