A food dietary supplement for alleviating premenstrual syndrome in women has earned niche-food company PMS Mood Food, Inc. US patent 6174542. Both inventors are female: Deborah Hinton and Jeri Greene.

Other entities active in this field are Internutria, Sabina International, Energetics,  Internutria, Bio-Virus Research Incorporated, and Tufts University School of Medicine.


    A chocolate containing dietary, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement, and food products containing the same, for treating, preventing, alleviating or managing symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in woman. The chocolate containing supplement and food product containing the same comprises an effective amount of the following essential ingredients: kava kava and/or St. John’s wort; cayenne, ginger and ginseng; chickweed and/or buchu and/or pyridoxine (vitamin B6), wild yam, vitamin and mineral supplements. Examples of food products incorporating these essential ingredients are liquid beverages such as a shake, juice or cappucino; solid snack foods such as hard candies, soft candies, gum, granola bars, chocolate bars, cookies, chocolate brownies, ice cream sandwiches or chocolate cake; and semi-solid snack foods such as ice cream, sorbet or yogurt. In an alternative embodiment, the supplement can be formulated into a powder, liquid, gel, paste, tablet, capsule or coated tablet form, rather than a specific food product.

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A nutritional and herbal supplement comprising:

    kava kava;
    St. John’s wort;
    wild yam; and
    a component selected from the group consisting of chocolate, chocolate flavoring, components derived from chocolate, and mixtures thereof.

By Navroz Havewala, just-food.com correspondent