The Quaker Oats Company and BIOSAFE Medical Technologies have announced their agreement to partner on a Web based initiative designed to help consumers reduce their cholesterol.

This partnership will give the public greater access to cholesterol testing at significant savings.

To encourage people to reduce levels of blood cholesterol, a known risk factor for heart disease, Quaker is sponsoring reduced cost cholesterol testing for everyone who visits the Heart Health, or the Smart Heart Challenge sections of their website. Through an exclusive arrangement with BIOSAFE, a world leader in micro-sample blood testing, participants can order special blood collection kits directly over the Internet for both “before” and “after” Smart Heart Challenge cholesterol testing.

“Since over 40 scientific studies have proven that eating oatmeal as part of a healthy diet can reduce cholesterol, Quaker is encouraging all participants to take advantage of this offer so they may see the benefit for themselves,” said Cathy Kapica, PhD, RD, Quaker’s Director of Nutrition Education.

BIOSAFE President, David Fleisner, commented: “BIOSAFE is proud to have been selected by Quaker as its scientific partner for this project.

“BIOSAFE and Quaker have now joined forces to educate the public regarding the importance of healthy eating as a deterrent to heart disease.”

Details about Quaker Oatmeal and the Smart Heart Challenge can be found at