Obese postmenopausal women who used the Nutri/System Meal Plan for 16 weeks lost approximately 21 pounds or 10.7 percent of their body weight according to a recently published clinical study.

Approximately 78 percent of the weight lost while on the Nutri/System Meal Plan was from body fat stores. During a two-year follow-up period, the women maintained 35 percent of their initial weight loss, despite not receiving any weight loss intervention during that time.

This study, funded in part by the National Institutes of Health and Nutri/System (Nasdaq:THIN) was published in the July 2000 issue of the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism. A group of 14 obese postmenopausal women followed the 1200-calorie, portion-controlled Nutri/System Meal Plan for 16 weeks without any negative effects on bone mass, lean body mass or general health.

“The risk of developing chronic diseases with aging is a major concern for postmenopausal women; however, this study shows that the elderly can achieve a healthy weight loss using portion control with a nutritionally sound diet,” said Steven B. Heymsfield M.D., a deputy director of the Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital and a co-author of the study.

According to study participant and New York area resident Elsie Hayrabedian: “I was worried about losing weight safely at my age; however, I learned that proper portion control was key to my safe weight loss. It has been four years now and I am still 15 pounds lighter and a lot healthier.”

“As one of the most recognized names in weight loss for the past 30 years, Nutri/System will continue to provide support for clinical research that helps educate consumers on healthy ways to lose weight,” said Joseph J. DiBartolomeo Ph.D., vice president of scientific affairs for Nutri/System.

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Nutri/System combines the well-established NutriSystem name and proven weight loss program with the Internet as a medium of communication. Through the Web site, www.nutrisystem.com, the company provides a comprehensive weight and lifestyle management program that includes real-time personal counseling, individual diet and exercise plans, portion-controlled meals, online support groups, chat rooms and bulletin boards. For more information regarding the study, go to www.nutrisystem.com.