Frozen fruit is going to become a household staple once consumers taste Frozen Wild Blueberries — Nature’s #1 Antioxidant Fruit.(TM) Available for the first time in many major supermarkets, Frozen Wild Blueberries are emerging as the new, blue health superstars.

“Frozen Wild Blueberries are a hot discovery for consumers looking for simple, great-tasting ways to stay healthy and boost their antioxidant intake,” said Susan Davis, MS, RD, nutrition advisor to the Wild Blueberry Association of North America and Registered Dietitian.

According to the USDA, blueberries — fresh, frozen or dried — rank #1 in antioxidant activity when compared with 40 other commercially available fruits and vegetables. (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 44:701- 705; 3426-3431, 1996; 46:2686-2693, 1998.) That means more protection against aging, heart disease and cancer. “There’s more good news for those worried that Frozen Wild Blueberries may not be as good as fresh,” said Davis. “According to the FDA, frozen fruits and vegetables are as healthy as fresh — and they may even retain their nutritional value longer.”

“All it takes is one-half cup of Wild Blueberries a day to satisfy one of the 5-A-Day servings for fruits and vegetables — and by choosing Wild Blueberries, you’ve also given your body a concentrated source of dietary antioxidants,” said Davis. “You can include Frozen Wild Blueberries in anything you like to eat — whether you toss a handful on cereal or make a smoothie, the options are limitless. Frozen Wild Blueberries are really the ultimate in convenience. They’re always on-hand and ready to use.”

The Power of Blue

According to Ms. Davis, an easy way to eat healthy is to think color when you go to the supermarket. Research focused on the pigments, or phytochemicals, that give fruits and vegetables their color is indicating that more is at play than vitamins and minerals in the battle against disease and aging. “Preliminary research on blue foods shows Wild Blueberries pack a considerable health punch,” said Davis. “With color becoming a marker for good health, Wild Blueberries are a smart health choice.”

The Perfect Frozen Fruit(TM)

“Look no further than your supermarket freezer case for Wild Blueberries – – the Perfect Frozen Fruit(TM),” said John Sauve, Executive Director of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA). WBANA expects consumers to be impressed with the superior quality and taste of Frozen Wild Blueberries. “For great taste and antioxidant power, there’s no better choice than a daily dose of Frozen Wild Blueberries. They’re perfectly healthy, perfectly easy and perfectly delicious.”

According to Sauve, New England consumers should look in their Sunday circular on December 10th for a free-standing insert and money-saving coupon featuring Frozen Wild Blueberries. The introductory promotion is being sponsored by WBANA and Wyman’s, one of the largest processors and retailers of Frozen Wild Blueberries. “Frozen Wild Blueberries are great tasting, convenient, and a great value compared to other fruit choices,” said Ed Flanagan, President of Wyman’s and the WBANA Board of Directors. According to Mr. Flanagan, awareness of the blueberry health story is the driving force behind consumer demand. “We get calls all the time, asking ‘where can I find Frozen Wild Blueberries?’ With questions like that I fully expect that Wild Blueberries are going to become the hottest, healthiest frozen fruit to hit the supermarket in a long time.”

Perfectly Healthy

According to the USDA, one serving (one-half cup or 100 grams) of Frozen Wild Blueberries delivers the natural antioxidants the body needs every day. Scientists attribute these benefits to anthocyanins and other natural compounds (phytochemicals) found in Wild Blueberries. Anthocyanins (from two Greek words meaning “plant” and “blue”) are responsible for the intense blue color of Wild Blueberries. “That’s why we encourage people to add blue to their diet, and get their Daily Dose of Blue(TM) by choosing Frozen Wild Blueberries,” said Sauve.

Blueberries, Cranberries and UTH

While cranberries have long been associated with the promotion of urinary tract health, scientists have discovered that blueberries may also stand out for their ability to prevent urinary tract infections. According to the National Kidney Foundation, urinary tract infections are the second-leading cause of lost workdays for women and are responsible for millions of doctor visits and more than $1 billion in associated health care costs annually. “Women can take simple preventative steps to avoid this painful problem,” said research scientist Amy B. Howell, Ph.D. of the Rutgers Blueberry Cranberry Research Center in Chatsworth, New Jersey. Dr. Howell was the lead investigator on a study, funded in part by Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., that identified the specific compounds in blueberries and cranberries that promote urinary tract health. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, October 8, 1998.) “I’m really excited that women now have dietary choices for fighting this disease. Whether you choose to drink a 10-ounce glass of cranberry juice or eat one-half cup of Frozen Wild Blueberries, you’re taking the right step toward preventing urinary tract infections and promoting good health.” “You don’t have to compromise on taste when choosing a disease-fighting diet,” said WBANA’s Sauve. “Frozen Wild Blueberries are naturally great tasting. Whether you put them in or on something, they’re great right out of the bag.”

Perfectly Easy

Frozen Wild Blueberries are convenient, easy to use and available year- round. They’re cleaned, washed and individually quick frozen within 24 hours of harvest to seal in their goodness and best blueberry flavor. The freezing process guarantees the consistency and superior quality of the fruit. Simply add frozen berries to your favorite recipes, sprinkle them on salads, cereal or ice cream, or blend them into smoothies or yogurt. There’s no coring, pitting or peeling — it’s the perfectly easy Daily Dose of Blue(TM).

Perfectly Delicious

For more intense blueberry flavor than the cultivated variety, sweet and tangy Frozen Wild Blueberries are the perfect choice. Known as the “little” or “small” blueberries, Wild Blueberries have a concentrated taste preferred by bakers and chefs around the world. “Even Martha Stewart has given Frozen Wild Blueberries high marks,” said Sauve, referencing the 2000 summer issue of Living that featured Wild Blueberries. “We’re very proud of our product, and are pleased to see such reputable sources such as Martha Stewart stand up and take notice.”


Wild Blueberries, which are commercially harvested only in Maine and Eastern Canada, are smaller in size and more extraordinary in taste than their cultivated cousins. Frozen Wild Blueberries can be found year-round in supermarkets across the United States and Eastern Canada for convenient at- home use.

WBANA is an international trade association of growers and processors of Wild Blueberries from Maine and Canada, dedicated to bringing Frozen Wild Blueberries to consumers worldwide.